towers in medieval town of san gimignano in tuecany, italy
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City of Towers

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Location: San Gimignano, Italy, 2015.


A Note From The Artist:

Tuscany was the center of the western world during the Renaissance. Medieval cities like Siena and Florence were the prime location where the concept of humanism flourished. The philosophy of "Man is the measure of all things." manifested in art, architecture, politics, science, and literature.

San Gimignano was a medieval town strategically located along the pilgrimage route to Florence. The inhabitants of the walled city leveraged that to their wealth and build towers as a symbolism of egoism and power. There were around 70 towers during its peak until the mid 14th century when it suffered the plague pandemic. Although the city itself remains structurally intact, there are only about 15 towers left today.

I visited San Gimignano during the summer and walked the same cobbled streets that were taken by scholars centuries ago. Strolling aimlessly in the narrow alleys, I can't help but wonder how it was like to have lived here during one of the greatest times in human history. This artwork is a panoramic view of San Gimignano from a vineyard across the hill. The sun had just risen, illuminating the entire city in a soft, earthy hue. The colors were subtle, much like the limited color palette the grandmasters used to paint in medieval times.


Prize Sizes: Sizing Guide Page

Small / Artist Print 14” x 7” (+0.5” border) 150
Medium / Studio Print
24" x 12” (+0.5” border) 150
Large / Gallery Print
40” x 20” (no border) 25
Extra Large / Gallery Print 60” x 30” (no border) 15

About Yaopey:

Born in Malaysia, I was bitten by the travel bug at a young age. My interest in exploring off the beaten tracks has led me to places such as Tibet, Iran, and Pakistan. While it’s nice to see new places, I have enjoyed the cultural experience of traveling more. I would bring home a piece of local culture from every place I visit, mainly in the form of wall art. 

Maybe you have been to places I have photographed, or seen them elsewhere. I hope, through my work, I can bring a piece of memory or add an artistic touch to your living space.


The Print:

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, a fine art paper with a subtle texture that gives a luxurious feel in your hand. The museum-quality print is fade-resistant with colors that will last for 100+ years. Each print is accompanied by a certificate with hologram, signature, and edition series.