Pano Meria
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Pano Meria

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 Location: Santorini Island, Greece.


A Note From The Artist:

Pano Meria is the ancient name for Oia, a clifftop village on the volcanic island of Santorini. It is part of the Cyclades in the South Aegean where its history can be traced back to ancient Greece around the 9th century BCE.

The most memorable memory I have with Oia is the indescribably beautiful sunset from the cliff. I can recall feeling blissful basking in the evening sun and soaking up the atmosphere. Imagine yourself being surrounded by white-blue houses that were carved into the cliffs, the almost infinite view of the Aegean Sea, and the tranquilizing sea breeze that brushes your skin to cool down from the Mediterranean weather. The sunlight is so mesmerizingly soft that you could literally stare at it as it dips below the horizon. Also, not to mention the sound of the waves crashing into the shore that formed from the lava erupting from the Thera volcano thousands of years ago.

This photograph is a way for me to relive my rather short but hypnotizing encounter with Oia. For I shall be seeking solace through this piece I have before me until we meet again one day.



Prize Sizes: Sizing Guide Page


SMALL / ARTIST PRINT: 12” x 8” (+ 0.5” border)              

Edition of 150

MEDIUM / STUDIO PRINT: 24" x 16” (+0.5” border) *Best Value For Size:Price*

Edition of 150


LARGE / GALLERY PRINT: 36” x 24” (+0.5” border)      

Edition of 25

EXTRA LARGE / MASTER PRINT: 60” x 40” (no border) 

Edition of 15


The Print:

Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag, a fine art paper with a subtle texture that gives a luxurious feel in your hand. The museum-quality print is fade-resistant with colors that will last for 100+ years. Each print is accompanied by a certificate with hologram, signature, and edition series.